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  So, I’ve recently been thinking about this project a lot. I started it at a point in my life where I felt like I didn’t have much and that I was kind of alone in whatever I was doing. My last band went pretty much downhill at that point, so I started recording and releasing music on my own. I did it alone because I was alone. And I released as much as a possibly could and focused on it as much as I could because it was all I really could do. I enjoyed making it. It started as just simple little scratch recordings to slightly more elaborate pieces and even some visual art as well. I personally am proud of whatever I’ve released.

  As of recently, I feel like I’m not able to create what should be created with this project. Everything I have been working on lately has been boring me. So therefore I’ve decided to hang up the name Classy Plastic Lumber. I wouldn’t say I’m calling it quits because this indefinite hiatus may have an expiration date. I may eventually return under the moniker of CPL and release new music. I may never look at it again. Who knows. But for right now, in my life, there are a number of other things that aren’t allowing me to focus on this music. Hopefully in a few months time, when time is more available to me, I will be able to start up a new project with a slightly different direction and approach but still maintaining a number of qualities I’ve enjoyed about this one. Only time will tell I suppose. 

  I’d like to thank everyone for whatever support they’ve given the project. Whether it was just listening, downloading, purchasing, collaborating; whatever it might have been, I thank you. There is still one more physical release I would like to put out and there are still plenty of copies of the split with Furnace and SCSR. Any social media page should remain up and intact for the next few months, in case anyone is interested in whatever. 

With all of that being said, I’d like to say Goodbye. For now. Maybe? I don’t know

It’s been a little bit but Furnace and I released a track together to ring in the new year… 

Wildwood, NJ. Summer 2013.
Photo Credit: A. Dobrowolski. 

Wildwood, NJ. Summer 2013.

Photo Credit: A. Dobrowolski. 

New release today. These were intended to be scrapped blah blah read any description of it. but these were done at a point in time were many things in my life were continuously changing and this music was the only thing that’s always kept me in a certain place. So I’m thankful for it.

Haven’t posted much lately, but I figured i’d share the Third Eye Split again seeing as it’s now only ONE WHOLE DOLLAR. You might really need to break your bank accounts wide open for this one, folks. Also, new stuff is in the works. 

New song from the upcoming album “Post Columbian”. A little faster paced than usual. Enjoy.

Life at Sea Recordings. 2013

Must… start… dubbing… of the cassettes…

Going to attempt to track some demos tomorrow. I need to get at least 4 done. Wish me luck.

New Album Alert

Although Normal People (Vol. II) was the last set of recordings I released on my own, I’ve been taking a more conventional approach on the next release, if you can say anything I do is conventional. I’ve currently been working on demos, some of which are available on the Third Eye Split, available now on Life at Sea Recordings


The split is now available for purchase on CD. 2$. Please support.

Simple Men, Simple music

Physical copies of the split are now available. First physical release from Life at Sea Recordings. First label release for Furnace and Sleeping City, Silent Roar. Alot of firsts. Check it out. Support it.